Web dizajn

Web design

We create a modern and attractive web design for the successful business of companies and agencies.

Website design for all purposes

Website design for agencies

Websites intended to promote the activities of agencies are designed with a certain amount of seriousness. The colors used for the design are carefully selected and defined by the purpose and users who will visit the site. The fonts we use are also carefully selected so that they are clear and readable.

Design of entertainment websites

We create modern, attractive and interesting sites to promote entertainment content. We make websites for musicians, collectors, artists, actors and anyone else who needs a website. We revive entertainment sites with different color combinations and associative and interesting animations.

Web Shop Design

For manufacturing, trading and companies that provide a specific group of services, we offer the design of a web store. Improve your trade in products and services and order a modern website for online sales.

Unique website design

We offer the production of modern, attractive and, above all, unique designs. Each website we create has a unique design and is tailored to a specific target group. By analyzing the web market, we adjust the design to the needs of the users, but we look to differentiate ourselves and stand out from the rest of the competition.

We design unique and appealing web sites that gain the trust of users and thereby improve the business of our clients.

UI/UX Design

UX (User experience) / UI (User interface) Design is an advanced technique used by our web designers. With this technique, I monitor the user's experience, usability and reactions to certain segments of the user interface, and based on that information, we define and create the design. Through a detailed analysis of the potential user group, we create and design a user interface UI that is maximally adapted to the user's needs. We choose colors for a specific design in such a way as to arouse emotions in a specific group of users.

Proper user-oriented design is also important for SEO optimization. When indexing the pages that will be displayed in the search results, Google algorithms also check the UI user interface. This is one of the parameters for which our websites have a good reputation with Google and other search engines.

Web programming

The functionality of the websites and applications was taken care of by the front end and back end developers of the PiSi Dizajn agency. Our team of experts consists of experts with many years of experience in various types of web programming. Choosing the right technology and using it correctly helps them to design and program ideal web solutions in a very short period of time.

  • HTML 5 - When creating a site, we use semantic tags to create elements. We avoid the use of outdated tags and follow the changes and extensions of the HTML language so that the sites are always according to the prescribed standards.
  • The CSS language we use to add styles to web pages is used in combination with the SASS preprocessor. Using SASS greatly reduces the time of front end developers to create a certain design. With this, we maintain quality, speed up the delivery time of the website, and the price of the service for clients is lower.
  • JavaScript is a programming language that is our favorite tool to bring a website to life. JS is inevitable on the front end, so we also use it for programming the user interface. Based on the Javascript language, we use the React.js library to create the user interface.
  • PHP & MySQL are the programming language and database that we most often use for management and programming on the server. The back end developers follow the latest updates of the PHP language and the currently used version is 8.1.

Responsive design - design adapted to all devices

The design of the web sites created by our designers is adapted for proper display on different types of devices, both on desktop computers, as well as on tablets, laptops, but primarily on mobile devices.

Responsivan dizajn - dizajn prilagođen svim uređajima