Creating websites for companies, agencies and individuals

Offer quality websites for all purposes. We build websites for different types of activities and different purposes.

Modern web design

UI/UX Design

We develop the design of the site according to the needs of a certain group of users. Before designing and coding the website, we analyze the competition in detail and define who the users of our target group are. Based on user analysis, we define the design and its behavior and adapt it to the user as much as possible. User interface design based on user experience, user-oriented design.

Site design adapted to all devices - responsive design

All websites created by the PiSi Dizajn development team are optimized for display on all types of devices on which it is possible to display web content. We apply the Mobile-First technique, so we primarily develop design for mobile devices, and then using MediaQuery for larger dimensions and resolutions.

Moderan dizajn sajta

Website programming

Web sites authored by web developers of the PiSi Design Agency achieve a very short loading time, are highly rated by official institutions, and are recognized by Google and other web browsers. Front end and back end developers collaborate on all stages of development, design and programming. During the entire development cycle, developers collaborate and consult each other so that we do not allow errors and omissions to occur.

In addition to choosing an adequate programming language and tools for a specific purpose and its proper application, our programmers also design the best algorithms for the functionality of applications and websites.

Front End Programming

  • HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript are the basis of all websites and applications, so their correct application is the most important. The web development team follows W3C standards and improves programming and development based on them, so we always offer a high-quality finished web product.

  • Bootstrap and Foundation are some of the frond end frameworks we use to create the graphical user interface of websites and applications.

  • React.js is a popular JavaScript library used more and more recently for creating user interfaces. We create modern, interesting and according to the latest standards React.js front end applications.

Back end programming

  • PHP & MySQL are a combination of one of the most popular programming languages ​​for web programming and databases. Most of the websites and online services we created were programmed using PHP & MySQL on the back end. Based on PHP, we use the Yii2 Web framework. The framework contains many ready-made components that can be used on the back end of various projects. This is another thing that allows programmers to develop faster and thus the price of the programming service is cheaper.

  • Node.js is a novelty in the list of our back end development tools. Node.js is a platform based on the JavaScript programming language. More and more online services use Node.js, and considering the fact that we follow trends and events in web development, we create successful web3 applications based on this platform.

Creating websites for all purposes

We create different types of sites and applications, different purposes for companies, businesses, agencies, musicians, private individuals, collectors, photographers, artists and everyone else. Every website we create is of high quality, only differs in the complexity of functioning and organization of content and each has a unique design.

We offer the following types of sites:

  • Information sites are a web solution for institutions or organizations that need to publish certain information about events and the situation within those organizations. These sites contain several pages: the main page where basic information is published, a contact information page and a section where certain content will be published.

  • Websites for agencies, we design for the needs of the activity or service that the agency is engaged in. For agencies dealing with car rental services, apartments, business premises and the like, we develop special applications that will be integrated into the site. So far, we've made several different online apps for different selections, ordering or scheduling services.

  • Internet sales sites are an ideal replacement for traditional trading. Nowadays, more and more users are shopping online.
    Improve your store and order a website for online sales.

  • Specialized online services are offers for companies, companies and agencies that have special needs such as the exchange and use of certain data between users. We create applications for a specific group of users who will have access with certain administrative approvals. Applications for employee or member records, records of specific activities, Statistics and analysis of online sales are some of the dedicated online applications that we make.
    If you have any special requirements for creating a website and so far they have asked you for large sums of money, call us and we will make you the best solution for the lowest price.

Affordable prices for professional website development

Povoljne cene profesionalne izrade sajtova

We create websites using adequate techniques, technologies and programming languages ​​suitable for solving specific problems. We make the selection by choosing the one with which, in the first place, we achieve high quality of the finished website. Another condition that affects the selection of developer tools is the shortest time that developers will spend on creating, designing and programming the site.
Therefore, fewer working hours are invested to create a website or application of the same quality, and we calculate the price of the website development service based on the hours spent by the developer.

Thanks to this approach and the experience of the developers, we can proudly offer our clients the creation of a high-quality website in the shortest possible time and at the best prices.

Website maintenance

Održavanje sajtova

Website maintenance is a phase of web development that lasts from publication until the site is alive.
Don't worry about anything. Maintaining the sites we make is simple and easy.


With each ordered site, we deliver a CMS, a custom application for content changes on the site. The application is adapted for ease of use and use by users with basic knowledge of using the Internet.

The application is accessed through the domain where the site is promoted using a special link. CMS can be accessed by validated users with a username and password. The background application consists of access panels that contain data that is displayed on the site or that is temporarily hidden. The panels have unambiguous controls for launching actions, adding, editing, deleting or temporarily hiding content. These actions launch a series of forms for easy text input and formatting, adding images, multimedia content, and the like.