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Useful practical examples and instructions from various areas of web development. Programming, design, optimization. Development of PWA Progressive Web App. HTML5 & CSS3, PHP & MySQL, Yii2, MVC, OOP


Glossary of terms and abbreviations used in web development: Web development, front end, back end, SEO, SERP, HTML, CSS, JS, jQ, framework ... 


Web development

Jobs involved in web development are: website development, web application, store, portal or service, graphical interface design, application programming, database creation, management and administration and the like. These jobs are usually done by teams of experts of different profiles, skills and abilities.

The modern profession of web development is divided into several separate sub-occupations: Frontend, Backend

Web development


HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) is a markup language used to create web content. Along with CSS (Cascade Style Sheets) and JS (javaScript) are the basis of all websites, applications and online services. Whether you use some backend programming language, PHP, jS; a fronend or backend framework, website or application that the user sees will be generated as an html page. Html pages have a .html extension. Each html page contains tags, so-called tags.

Tags tell the browser what content will be displayed on the page. So we have h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6 - tags for text content titles, p tag - text paragraph and the like. Tags have their own attributes that describe them. Read all about html on the next page. 

HTML | web

Guides, instructions and tutorials

  • Interesting, simple, usefull, instructions and tutorials for various areas of the computer and also for advanced users.
  • How to install OS Windows or Linux and settings.
  • You can run instalation programs and settings yourself on Windows and Linux OS.
Guides, instructions and tutorials
Guides, instructions and tutorials | web


Korisni linkovi:

Uputstva, vodiči tutoriali:

Zanimljive web osnove

svg korisno

javaPoint - korisni tekstovi o web tehnologijama kako za početnike tako i za profesionalsce. - kratka, jednostavna i sveobuhvatni vodiči, osnove web-a - osnove HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, SQL, PZTHON, PHP, BOOTSTRAP...

Bootstrap - glavna stranica, dokumentacija, primeri...


Online Alati:

Snap SVG - online SVG dobar primer i alat

JSFidle - online HTML, CSS, JS editor.

Sass to css convertor -

HTML5 and CSS3 Code Generators For Web Programmers 

SVG animator - jednostavan grafički online  SVG editor


SEO i test brzine:

Sledećih 5 linka, jedna provera dnevno. Ako se pokrene sa TOR-a moguće je restartovati IP.



Konvertovanje excelovih tabela u SQL

GIKFLARE- grupa alata

W3 validator - online tester koda

PageSpeed Insights - tester brzine stranice

SEO provera-





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