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Website development and SEO optimization | PiSi Design

Website development and high performance SEO optimization at the best price in Serbia.

We build successful websites of all types and purposes for companies, businesses, agencies and individuals.

We adapt the modern and attractive design to the needs of a certain group of users, thus gaining their trust.

Creating websites for companies, agencies and individuals

We offer complete professional website development for companies, companies, agencies and high performance individuals at the best prices in Serbia.

Web presentation development

For agencies that deal with service shops that do not have a diverse offer of services, we offer the creation of a web presentation tailored to the needs of their users. Web presentations usually contain the main page, contact page, and blog.
Ideal for law firms, translators, advisors, service activities and the like.

Creating an online store

For manufacturing or trading companies, we offer the creation of an online store through which they can sell their services and products.

Search Engines Optimization

When designing a site, we immediately optimize on-page SEO so that shortly after the publication of websites are available in the results of Google and other search engines

SEO optimizacija

Web design

UI/UX Design

We create a modern and attractive web design based on the needs of a specific group of users. Your customers are important for your success, so we will create a web design that will sweep the target group of your users off their feet.

Responsive design

We develop the design of websites and applications primarily for mobile devices and then optimize the content of the website for display at higher resolutions and screen sizes. By applying this technique, Mobile First achieves high performance of websites

Web dizajn

Web development

During all stages of front end and back end development, we take care of the correct selection of programming language, technologies and tools.

Front end development

Basic front end technologies HTML, CSS and JavaScript are applied according to the latest updates and standards.
For front end development, we also apply various frameworks (Frameworks) and JavaScript libraries such as React.js.

Back end development

For work on back end development we use different techniques and technologies depending on the need and requirements. Php programming language with version 8.x combined with MySQL and PostgreSQL are indispensable tools for back end developers.
Based on this programming language, we use several PHP frameworks.
Laravel is one of the most popular PHP frameworks it is on our list of offers. But it's not very popular with us.
Yii framework is a PHP framework based on which we have created a CMS background application for easy entry and editing of content to the site, which is our pride.

The increasing use of javascript programming language on the back end is also present in our country. To create an API, we use the Express.js framework.

To create complete applications with JavaScript, we use a combination of Express.js and React.js frameworks.

Web development